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Hot Stuff Pizza® and iGnG™ have teamed up to offer you new technology you will not find anywhere else. As a leading provider of foodservice systems to the convenience store industry, Hot Stuff Pizza® is constantly innovating to support its retail partners’ growth and success. Wifi-Enabled traffic counters and handheld scanners*, available only through iGnG, develop scorecards and planning tools that will drive sales and profits.

*Available only with iGnG.

Improve Profitability
Manage Waste
Increase Sales
Boost Productivity
iGnG Printer & Scanner Technology

Right Products

The heartache of leaving dollars on the table is solved with iGnG scanner and printer capabilities.
  • Foodservice staff scans each menu item as it is produced and/or
  • iGnG’s scanner tracks each item, along with a time stamp, and
    transmits the data nightly for processing.
  • POS accuracy improves by eliminating hand-writing. As the items
    are scanned, the printer produces a barcode label, complete with
    individual item UPC, sell price, net weight and time stamp.

iGnG Traffic Counters

Right Time

iGnG reveals how many consumers are coming through your doors.
  • Automatic, accurate and reliable traffic capture.
  • Comprehensive traffic logs.
  • Wireless connected devices allow for real-time analysis.

Right Products + Right Time = More Money!

iGnG™ can deliver an immediate and significant impact to your bottom line by telling you what products to offer and when to offer them… making YOU more money.

iGnG Graph of Potential Waste, Lost Sales & Traffic vs Baked or Sold.



Store Scorecard

  • At a glance, you’ll see an overall view of your store’s performance.
  • With specific color coding, you’ll know immediately what’s being effective and what needs focus.

iGnG Store Scorecard Image


  • Provides a graphical view of your production, showing color-coded opportunities based upon products merchandised and discarded.
  • Opportunity by variety indicates overall production opportunities to improve sales and product discard.
  • Granular view by product/flavor available to maximize availability and profit potential.

iGnG Opportunity Image


  • Shows foot traffic through the door – not customer transaction – to give you clear indication of capture opportunity.
  • View traffic trends at a glance, or drill down to individual weeks and days for more detailed information.

iGnG Traffic Image


See what some of the top leaders in the industry have to say about iGnG
Tara Anderson
"Holiday Stationstores has iGnG in 11 Hot Stuff Pizza branded stores and we’ve found the platform to be easy to use with the technology piece being very intuitive. We are able to make simple changes to the items we select to bake and when we bake them based off of data, including customer counts and sales history that gives instant gratification in both sales and margin improvements. The system also greatly improves scan accuracy and offers time of day information for both sales and stales by sku. The price point is feasible, even for small businesses, and their tech support is outstanding. If you want to improve your bottom line sales and margin, iGnG is the place to start."
Tara Anderson
CSN'S 2015 Top Woman in Convenience Honoree
Holiday Stationstores
Shawn Ulmer
“By using the Opportunity View reports to focus on the breakfast day-part, iGnG gave me a close look into traffic patterns which lead me to make changes to my breakfast product mix. By making just a few adjustments, we’ve seen a higher capture rate and we are really getting our money’s worth. I look forward to the impact iGnG will have on other day-parts."
Shawn Ulmer
Store Manager
Country Pride - Winner, SD
Rocky Patel
“I just opened a Hot Stuff Pizza location and implemented iGnG immediately. Working with my Franchise Business Consultant, we produced build-to charts to match up with store traffic. The information iGnG provides makes everything easier, more efficient and most importantly, more profitable."
Rocky Patel
Quick Change - Adel, GA
Ruth Hoefs
“My appreciation for iGnG’s technology and the help it has provided to our store is astronomical. I’m not just speaking from a Manager standpoint either. My employees love it and I can see their appreciation for it as well. They are more inclined to use the scanner instead of the tally sheet. Plus, the turnaround time on the data iGnG produces is a huge plus. I can access the data online or from the scanner itself to keep track of food production and if we’re meeting our daily goals and are staying on top of managing waste.”
Ruth Hoefs
Store Manager
Belle Plaine, MN
Jody Wertish
“Using the scanner technology has had an enormous impact on our business here in Renville, MN. It allows us to track store traffic daily and even breaks it down to what time we see the highest and lowest foot traffic in our store. Getting such specific data from the technology lends itself to even more insight into how we are managing our production, staffing and availability of Hot Stuff Pizza products. Opening the door to questions that make us figure out if we have enough product at the right time of day, whether it’s too much or not enough. We have greater control over inventory, food costs and waste. I can’t believe the direct impact it truly has had on our store overall.”
Jody Wertish
Store Manager
Renville, MN

Introductory Price of Just $2,499

You Can Depend on iGnG

You have better things to do than worry about whether or not you have enough food prepared and merchandised. With iGnG™, you can be confident that your foodservice program is running smoothly, your data is accurate, your employees are productive and you’re maximizing profits.

If your business wants reliable and proven success, iGnG is the answer you’ve been waiting for.

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